Top Things To Do In Jaipur

If you have 2 days in Jaipur, here are the top places that you should most definitely visit. With Veena World’s foray into Destination Weddings, it has meant that in the last three years I have made a total of 15 trips to Jaipur. More often than not, I will find some free time and go exploring with my colleagues and we always end up finding some true gems in the process. When it comes to Rajasthan, the food & drink is always something that we look forward to. For those who know me, they know that I often have one rule when exploring a city, ‘we cannot go eat at the same place that we have been to before, however good it may be’. With this rule in tow, it just becomes easier to stumble upon some incredibly breathtaking places and experiences. Here are my top 9 things that one should most definitely do when in Jaipur.